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Sexuality And Disability: Education, Advocacy & Support a part of Information on Disability for Empowerment, Advocacy & Support (IDEAaS) was a site for people who needed knowledge about sexuality and how sex is a natural part of being human, but now it has closed, but we couldn't let such important information become unavailable to people and so we kept it on this page.

Everyone experiences sexuality differently and needs different information and the more of it the easier it will be for people. A lot of the information about sexuality and disability posted on other websites on the internet is difficult to access for people who have difficulty or are unable to read the text because of their disability. was created to meet the needs of these people and those who care about them, personally or professionally, they could convey this information.

Everyone could use this site to learn facts about sex and relationships. Although originally designed for people with disabilities, the site has expanded to include people of all ages, abilities and sexual orientations. provides education and support about sexuality, including information about anatomy, behavior, civil rights, violence prevention, gender identity, disability and relationships in clear, sex-positive language with extensive links to other resources. We've noticed the great interest of users of this site in hairy porn videos and have left many important sex terms on this page to make it easier for you to understand.


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The site was accessible and user-friendly until it closed.

Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy is a disability movement that empowers people who have grown up without learning the skills needed to live independently as adults. It teaches people to make good choices about where to live, work, and play. Self-advocacy aims to help people with disabilities live independent lives with support as needed.


Abortion means the end of a pregnancy. There are two kinds of abortion - spontaneous and induced.  Spontaneous means it happens by accident, also called a miscarriage. Sometimes it happens before a woman even knows she is pregnant.  It can happen because a woman's body is not ready to be pregnant or because the fetus/foetus (the baby) is not healthy enough to grow.

Induced abortions can be done by having an abortion procedure or by taking a drug called RU-486. 90% of induced abortions are done in the first trimester (first three months) a woman is pregnant.

There is a lot of argument between people about whether abortion is good or bad. In the United States, the UK, and most of the EU, it is now legal to have an abortion for the first three months, after that it gets harder, but in still possible if the Mom could be hurt by her pregnancy. When abortion was not legal the leading cost of death in women was having abortions that were done very badly by bad doctors or women trying to do them alone. In countries where abortion is illegal it is still one of the biggest reason women die.

Abuse (Physical, Emotional,or Sexual)

If you are abused in any way - tell someone! If they don't listen or don't believe you - tell someone else. Keep telling people until you are believed!

Abuse takes many forms. Abuse is anyone who physically hurts you enough to break bones or give you bruises or cut your skin. It is when someone talks to you over and over in a way that makes you feel really bad. It is when someone has sex with you who is your parent, your teacher, your boss, or a close family friend.

Men abuse men and women. Women abuse men and women. Adults abuse their elderly parents and their children. Older children abuse their parents.Teenagers who are boyfriend and girlfriend can abuse each other. If you think you are being abused - you probably are! Talk to someone and get help! NOW!

Anal Sex

Anal sex is putting a finger, penis, or sex toy inside the rectum/anus/arse of a man or a woman. Anything that goes inside an anus does not belong in mouths or in vaginas until it is washed very well with soap and water! It is really best to have sex toys that you use only vaginally and others that you use only anally. Anal sex is safe but requires much more lubrication than other kinds of sex.  Also in slang called: Greek, back-door, and doggie.


Using your mouth to stimulate the anus of a man or a woman.  A clean anus is safe to lick or suck unless you have been sick.  Bacteria from your anus can be dangerous - so if you have been sick, it is best to avoid this activity. To improve the safety of analingus you should not brush your teeth before you do it, and brush your teeth soon afterwards. Also in slang called: rimming or reaming.


A person who acts like a male and a female -- so you might not be so sure what they are.


Bisexuality sex support

People who are attracted to both men and women. Some people have relationships with both men and women at the same time, and some people have relationships with just one person at a time and that could be a man or a woman. A person can be bisexual and never had had sex or only had sex with men or women. Being bisexual means what sex you attracted to, not what sex the person is you have sex with. Being bisexual does not mean you are confused about your sexuality (but you could be) it means that you like both men and women. Some people have sex with a person of the same sex out of curiousity and this does not make them bisexual.

BDSM (Erotic Power Exchange)

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism. Erotic power exchange is when people enjoy using power as part of the way they have sex. Bondage is tying people up. Discipline is when one person is the boss (the dominant) and other person has to do what the boss says (the submissive.) Sado-masochism is when one person (the sadist) causes pain (like spanking) or embarrassment. The masochist enjoys when someone causes pain or embarrasment to them. This is a sexual activity that both persons must agree to. Both people have power in this kind of relationship. The person who has the power has to understand what they can do or not do or they end up losing all their power. It can be dangerous if not done with respect and good communication.


The tip of the clitoris is found where between  where the vaginal lips/labia meet. Also called in slang: pearl, magic button, ruby, pink diamond, man in the boat, clit, clittie, and more.

Coming Out

Telling your family, friends, people at work you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or some other difference for the first time. Before you come out it is a secret.


A condom is something you put on your penis to protect you against disease and your partner against pregnancy. There are also condoms for women that go inside the vagina. They are made of latex, polyurethane, or lamb skin. and may be lubricated or unlubricated.  They come in different shapes and sizes. Condoms IF used properly will reduce your risk of pregnancy and disease 97 times out of 100. That may seem like a lot - but 3 times out of a hundred is still a BIG risk, and most people, especially teenagers don't use them properly all of the time. There is no GOOD excuse not to use a condom. A condom is the best way both of you can be in control of your sexual health. A condom is also known as a rubber, sheath, cap, raincoat, glove. Having sex without a condom on is called "going bareback."


Cross-dressers are also know as transvestites. You are not gay because you are a tranvestite. You like to dress up in the clothes of the opposite sex. Some people like to be seen (and perform) dressed up and others like to do it only in private. Passing is trying to pass as a person of the opposite sex and no one can tell.


Cunnilingus is having oral sex with a woman - sucking or licking or tickling with your tongue her vulva, especially her clitoris. The clitoris is an interesting body part. It is the only body part that exists only for pleasure. Women receive lots of pleasure when their clitoris is licked or sucked or gently bitten. Many men like to do cunnilingus when a girl's pussy is hairy, this can be seen online at Hairy pussy cams. Oral sex is not safe sex - you cannot get pregnant from oral sex, but you can get sexually transmitted infections. Use a dental dam (see dental dam for more info) for protection against STDs. Some slang terms for cunnilingus are: going down, eating out, breakfast at the Y.

Sex Dolls


Sexy Dolls (sex support)


One kind of sex toy some men use is a blow up rubber doll. This is a safe form of sex as long as the doll is clean.

Ejaculation (Cumshot)

Ejaculation is what happens when you orgasm/cum. For men it is one to three teaspoons of what looks like thick watery milk ( It can be clear, white, pale yellow, blueish or gray - but if it is pink see a doctor.). In each teaspoon of ejaculation a man has millions of sperm. A man can orgasm and not ejaculate. The ejaculation you see in movies is not always real.

Two very important things to know about ejaculation.


  • Sperm can swim. You do not need to ejaculate inside a woman's vagina to get her pregnant. A sperm can swim inside if it is close to the entrance to her vagina or the sperm is on your finger and you put your finger inside her.


  • It is OK to taste sperm. Some men like to taste their own sperm (and that does not make them gay). Some women like the taste of sperm and like to swallow it during oral sex. Other women do not like the taste and prefer to spit it out, than a man wears a condom, or he stops before he ejaculates. Swallowing sperm is a safe thing to do if the man has no sexually transmitted disease, but if he has a disease you can get it in your mouth from having oral sex.


Some women can ejaculate too. If a woman has a really powerful orgasm she might spurt a white creamy liquid. Women's bodies also lubricate a lot of clear liquid and that may seem like ejaculation. Women often pee when they orgasm and that can seem like ejaculation too. Whatever a woman does or doesn't do is OK.


A man who is sexually attracted to men only or a woman (lesbian) who is attracted women only. It is generally agreed that 1 in 10 people self-identify as homosexual/ gay. Some religions condem homosexual behavior, but accept gay people (both men and woman can be called gay) who do not live as homosexuals, while other religions accept homosexual behavior as OK.

You can be gay before you ever have sex, or even if you have had heterosexual sex. If you want to try sex with a man but are shy about it, you can try VR sex on the vrsmash website. There is a difference between homosexual thoughts and attractions and homosexual behavior. A person who is gay or lesbian but pretends that they are not - either to themself- to friends - to family - at work - is called being in "the closet." Fear of what people will say and how they will act keep many people in the closet.

There is still tremendous disagreement and debate about whether a person who is gay can or cannot change; was born that way, or learned to be that way; or is entitled to the same civil rights as people who are straight. People who are gay are fighting for their right to be married, adopt children, have spousal health benefits, and not be discriminated against in employment or housing.

It is OK to be Gay. It is OK not to be Gay. It is NOT OK to treat anyone badly because of what they think about sex, who they have sex with, or love.

Hormones needed for Sex

We can't see them. They are the chemicals that tell our body what to do.  They tell your body how much energy to have, how big your muscles should be, how strong your bones, if you will have breasts or a beard, when to go through puberty, and hundreds of other things.  The levels of the chemicals in your body go up and down. If they are wrong something bad can happen. For different reasons doctors might prescribe extra hormones.  Birth control pills are hormones.


  1. Estrogens (estradiol, estriol, and estrone) - required for normal bone development, and for women to begin puberty 
  2. Progesterone - needed for menstruation and pregnancy
  3. Testoterone - needed by both men and women for muscle development, sex drive, and orgasm; and for men to develop their sex organs before birth, for puberty (grow hair, deeper voice) and to help produce sperm.
  4. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - both men and women need it for normal sexual organ development, also needed for menstruation
  5. Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) - for women essential for ovulation; for men to make testoterone
  6. Luteinizing Hormone - needed by both men and women to have normal sexual development and to make testoterone; also needed by women for ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy.
  7. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) - needed for pregnancy




SexSupport Masturbation


Masturbation is the art of touching yourself in sexual ways that feel good to you. Men and women masturbate. Babies masturbate even though they don't orgasm. Masturbation is a great way to stay sexually abstinent if that is your choice. Couples can masturbate together.  Masturbation is a perfectly heathy thing to do. The only time masturbation is bad is if you masturbate instead of going to school, having fun with friends or make yourself sore. Masturbation usually feels better with lubrication. You can watch experienced girls do it on myfavsexcams. Other slang words include: wanking, jerking-off, wacking-off, jilling (female only), 5-finger shuffle, beating your meat, onanism, self-abuse, and circle jerk (group).


Menstruation is a period of time each month when a women bleeds as a part of being able to have a baby. It begins when a girl is anywhere from 8-18 and last a fews days and happens about every 28 days. For the first few years a girl may not menstruate every month. Other words used to describe menstruation include: menses, period, the plague, the red plague, on the rag, special visitor, and many others.


An orgasm is a pleasure response to having sex. It is both physical (you feel it in your body) and psychological (you feel it in your brain.) An orgasm is not the fluid that leaves your body - it is the feeling you have when sex feels good. (Ejaculation is the fluid.)

When a man has an orgasm is it like having a sneeze - except the seconds before feel extra wonderful. Your penis feels like it is a balloon filling up with air and going to burst.   It feels like it is getting bigger and bigger, and feels better and better, and then when it can't get any bigger -it starts to pump/contract and then ejaculate/cum. Men can only have one orgasm at a time and need a rest/refractory period before they can have another one. Some men need shorts rests and some men need longs rests. The older you get the longer rest you usually need.

When a woman feels an orgasm she feels a warm, pleasureable surge move through her body. Her body squeezes tight. The feelings are very intense. At the point of orgasm it feels like a wonderful explosion. She can have a vaginal/g-spot or a clitoral orgasm. Some women have a very hard time having orgasm and only have one, other women can have more but still not very many, but other women have multiple orgasms and can have very many.  Women do not need to rest between orgasms. Women seem to have more orgasms when they get older.  It is very common for young women to not be able to have orgasms very easily.


The site was accessible and user-friendly until it closed.